Arriba Capital (Arriba) successfully closed a $375,000 commercial loan for an owner-occupied UPS Store in Vienna, VA. Arriba Capital worked closely with the borrower to navigate the time-consuming and meticulous process of becoming a first time Franchisee.

Challenge: This particular transaction had two major hurdles to overcome. The first was the fact that our client was a foreign national without any verifiable income in the U.S. The second was a lack of any direct ownership experience with the UPS franchise or any other business located in the U.S.

Solution: Arriba Capital leveraged it's resources in the area and identified a regional bank with a substantial amount of experience in dealing with foreign nationals. Arriba Capital was able to structure a deal that included the client’s primary residence as additional collateral for the loan. This structure enabled the bank to make the loan without historical financial data. The $375,000, 10-year term loan, was priced at Prime + 250.